A Great Brewery, The Pike Brewing Co.

Pike Brewery LogoIf you’ve ever enjoyed the XXXXX Stout or the Kilt Lifter then you know what I’m talking about when I say that Pike Brewery makes some great brews. So, this post is a tribute to them.

Last Summer I noticed that they didn’t own the very domain name that most people refer to them by… pikebrewery.com. As a courtesy to this great establishment, I decided to to register the domain name for them (before someone else did). I immediately called them up and told them that I had purchased the domain name for them, but their response was, “No thanks. We already have a website.” Ummm… wait. What?

Anyway, because they’re such a great company I thought I’d just give them a word of praise here, and then give you all a link over to their site.

And if you work at Pike Brewery (a.k.a. The Pike Brewing Co.) please feel free to contact me. I have your domain name.

  • http://www.adamonpurpose.wordpress.com Adam Pearson

    Mmmmm…Kilt Lifter…good stuff!