Getting Website Content from Management

It’s true, the struggle to get content for your new website from people within your company is really difficult. Each department leader gives you a list of what they want on the site, but when you ask for the resources necessary to develop the content for their list most of it never comes, no matter […]

Android Leads in Mobile OS

In November 2008, right after the initial release of Android on the first Google phone (G1), I predicted that Android would over take Apple’s iPhone OS (iOS) within 2 years. I was wrong. It took 2 years and 4 months. At the time my statement brought on sneers from fellow iPhone lovers I had abandoned, […]

Using for Business Development

I’ve been using for quite a while, and have seen it’s constant improvement. It is a great tool for keeping up on what is happening in the public life of your associates and contacts, and to use as a reminder for who you may need to connect with because it’s been a while. Someone […]

A Great Brewery, The Pike Brewing Co.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the XXXXX Stout or the Kilt Lifter then you know what I’m talking about when I say that Pike Brewery makes some great brews. So, this post is a tribute to them. Last Summer I noticed that they didn’t own the very domain name that most people refer to them by… […]

Advertising: When Is Enough, Enough?

In most cases, I would tell people to never stop finding new creative ways to communicate with their customer, but the key word in this statement is “with,” and if it becomes interchangeable with the word “to” then you should have shut up a long time ago. Ever get into a conversation with someone, and […]