A Great Brewery, The Pike Brewing Co.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the XXXXX Stout or the Kilt Lifter then you know what I’m talking about when I say that Pike Brewery makes some great brews. So, this post is a tribute to them. Last Summer I noticed that they didn’t own the very domain name that most people refer to them by… […]

Web Standards and IE8

Two days ago it was announced that IE8 will render by default to Web standards the best it can. This is a monumental occasion as Microsoft has been very reluctant to partner with other companies involved in the proliferation of standards on the Web. This also comes less than two weeks after Microsoft changed their […]

Subliminal Advertising Works, Maybe

In a recent post, there was an incredible piece proving that everyone is effected by subtle advertising whether they admit it or not. In this video the roles get reversed, and the ad designers themselves get pulled in.

My iPhone, Without AT&T

I was a late adopter of the iPhone, not because I didn’t think it was rad and would suite me well, but because I would potentially have to switch to the carrier that screwed me out of more than a thousand dollars nearly four years ago. So, I figured it was better to live without […]

Job: Web Developer

at PWG DESIGN (Full-Time, Seattle Area) Currently my company is looking for a Web Developer who is interested in working on a variety of projects with a small team of really great people. Requirements: – PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Javascript – Understanding of Web Standards – Used to Mac OS X & Linux – […]