Right Development

I really push for standards on the Web. My goal is to do things right, and with the highest quality possible. I am not satisfied with just that though. When most of what is done on the Web is a stretch, or hack of what was originally intended when HTML and CSS were first conceived, […]

Post Web Standards

Everyone in the Web community has their niche. That thing, or for some who make the rest of us look dumb, things that they are really good at. For some it is information architecture, or social network marketing, or front-end CSS/(X)HTML layout, or database engineering, and others it is Flash Action Scripting, or back-end Ruby […]

Design To Communicate

I understand what it means to design effectively on the Web. Like any medium for communication, there are often many ways to get the message across, but there is always a way that is most effective and efficient. Too often I am approached by a client asking, “how much to design a Web site?”, or […]