My iPhone, Without AT&T

I was a late adopter of the iPhone, not because I didn’t think it was rad and would suite me well, but because I would potentially have to switch to the carrier that screwed me out of more than a thousand dollars nearly four years ago. So, I figured it was better to live without […]

Is the Web for Advertising?

I’ve had several passing conversations with people over the last few months about how to advertise on the Internet. What is interesting to me is that the Web becomes obnoxious to almost everyone when “display” ads start infringing on all sides of the information they want, yet it’s done all the time. In a way […]

Good Times for All

Yesterday I hosted a party at our office for the Skagit Young Professionals group. Many of you know I can socialize pretty easily, but one thing I don’t like doing is those 2 minute “elevator marketing” speeches. What could be a bigger turn off?  Someone starts going off for a whole two minutes rambling about […]