• http://360start.com/ Josh

    You compared the work ethic of other cultures to that of ours. Some would say that this is a borderline 'workaholic' mentality which leaves a bad taste in our mouths. I've found as you said, that compartmentalizing things makes it so easy to justify “vacay” time, whether it's when the 9-5 ends or just a lunch break. And when I put those blocks in my mind, in some way I'm telling myself that work is an enemy and it affects the way I feel emotionally. I didn't hear you mention anything about emotions but I heard it a lot in the subtext. I can choose the way I feel about something, and the more I accept the work I do as opportunity rather than duty, my entire being shifts. My mind tends to open up and work essentially becomes easier. This outlook makes the future look like a buffet instead of a chain gang.