Getting Website Content from Management

It’s true, the struggle to get content for your new website from people within your company is really difficult. Each department leader gives you a list of what they want on the site, but when you ask for the resources necessary to develop the content for their list most of it never comes, no matter […]

Advertising: When Is Enough, Enough?

In most cases, I would tell people to never stop finding new creative ways to communicate with their customer, but the key word in this statement is “with,” and if it becomes interchangeable with the word “to” then you should have shut up a long time ago. Ever get into a conversation with someone, and […]

Digital Strategy – A Deeper Engagement on Every Level

The internet landscape has changed so much in the last decade. I networked with people all over the country back then; emailing lists and individuals… and lots of phone calls, but it was not to the scale it is now. Today there are not only more methods of communication, both individually and socially, but there […]

What I Learned From Some Chairs

I had two recent experiences with customer service for similar issues and the way they were handled was almost entirely opposite. I learned a lot about customer service, and what NOT to do in resolving issues.  It seemed more fitting for the Pondry company blog so I posted it over there.