Being a Smart Business

In my previous post I wrote about not being emotional over the current economic situation, and making good decisions now so you can be around to help others later.  I wanted to give some practical things that you might be able to apply to your Web business.

  • Cut what doesn’t count: Your team, people around you, and networking are NOT things that don’t count.  Companies will do layoffs to cut cost, but remember it’s your team, the people around you that will make your company great.  Layoffs are extremely shortsighted, but admittedly sometimes necessary as a last resort to saving the company.
  • Stay proactive: Although the bills have to get paid now, keep your focus on the future.  Create a plan for how you will stay ahead of competition, and on top of the challenges.  You’ll have to revise your plan daily sometimes as new, unpredictable things come up, but don’t stop planning.
  • Be positive: I’m not talking about being overly optimistic, and unrealistic.  I’m talking about where your mind dwells.  What do you think, talk about, tweet, and dream?  When a lame client keeps pushing your buttons do you waste time complaining about it?  If you do, DON’T!
  • Put a jar out in the office, write the word “BEER” on it, and every time someone starts complaining about another person, or client, make them put some cash in it.  You’ll curb the negative conversation in the office, and get to drink more beer (which always makes everyone feel better).
  • Be the leader: Don’t wait for everyone else to fix the problems we have.  Get off your ass and do whatever you can to help each other along.  As much as you wish someone would come along side your company and say, “what can I do to help you guys out? No strings attached.” Do it for another company.

I am currently positioning my company to be in a place to better serve our clients though this time.  Do the same.

  • Jesse

    This is excellent advice, and not too wordy. Straight and to-the-point, I was glad I read it.

  • Phil Thompson

    That’s a great tipabout the beer jar Jon.

    The more negatives people hear, the more they get demoralised. Positive thinking will do a lot of good for morale.