Is the Web for Advertising?

I’ve had several passing conversations with people over the last few months about how to advertise on the Internet. What is interesting to me is that the Web becomes obnoxious to almost everyone when “display” ads start infringing on all sides of the information they want, yet it’s done all the time. In a way it is almost like if billboards were on the freeway, instead of beside it. People are on the road to get from point A to point B, and don’t mind the billboards as long as they don’t have to stretch their necks around them to see where to go.

So we all hate tons of ads cluttering up sites, but these are what make some of our favorite information places on the Web free. And, how is startup “Company X” going to get their new product noticed otherwise? Somewhere there’s a balance. I think The Deck has come the closest to this, and deserves a virtual pat on the back.

Considering letting people advertise on my site, but how should it be done?