Pushing Through for Web Strategy

So there’s been (and still is) a lot of doom-and-gloom writing going on throughout all the main stream media, as well as the blogging world.  A lot of emotion is erupting from frustrated individuals, and the fear of “what will happen next?” is steering many decisions in this economic situation we are in.  This is causing a cyclical issue that will not go away quickly.  By nature, people tighten up quickly but release slowly, and so they have been with their pocketbooks, ideas, plans, dreams, hopes and most anything they can control immediately.

I’d like to reposition our focus though.

I know things look, and are bad, but we need to stop thinking emotionally about the “now” and think practically and logically about the “future.”  Jason Calacanis wrote in a recent email about reading your instruments like a pilot, instead of going strictly by sight when you can’t see anything in front of you anyway.  The point is there are too many choices being made based on emotion, and not purposeful  intent.  We need to start trusting what our instruments say, and make rational decisions based on them.  This is what will help us push through this economic crisis, and find new opportunities.

I am confident that after the forth quarter of this year we will begin to see more companies scrutinizing their expenditures and looking for innovative ways to gain new/more business through the Web.  If we, as Web professionals, keep our levelheaded, rationalistic view of the future, we will be able to provide these companies with new ideas that are truly valuable to them.  But, if we are all moaning and groaning about how bad things suck “now” we will be of no help when these companies need us most.

My point is simply this: work hard at make good decisions now so you can be around to help others when they need your services most.  Then everyone succeeds.