Pushing Through for Web Strategy

So there’s been (and still is) a lot of doom-and-gloom writing going on throughout all the main stream media, as well as the blogging world.  A lot of emotion is erupting from frustrated individuals, and the fear of “what will happen next?” is steering many decisions in this economic situation we are in.  This is […]

Subliminal Advertising Works, Maybe

In a recent post, there was an incredible piece proving that everyone is effected by subtle advertising whether they admit it or not. In this video the roles get reversed, and the ad designers themselves get pulled in.

What To Do When It’s Slow, Because They’re Busy

For most of the creative industry this time of year is often very slow. People are thinking more about using leftover vacation time, spending time with children while they have a break from school, and what needs to get done before the end of the year. All this adds up to people not being too […]

When to Draw People to Your Site

Advertising on search sites like Google can be a pretty cut-and-dry decision when considering how much to invest. Or is it? If it were just about getting more visits to your site then, yes, I guess it’s pretty simple. But, it’s not, and there is even more to evaluate when advertising on other sites that […]

Is the Web for Advertising?

I’ve had several passing conversations with people over the last few months about how to advertise on the Internet. What is interesting to me is that the Web becomes obnoxious to almost everyone when “display” ads start infringing on all sides of the information they want, yet it’s done all the time. In a way […]