Prioritizing for Design, Development and Feature Creep - Prioritizing for Design, Development and Feature CreepIn a previous post I wrote about how I would be speaking at Refresh Seattle.  The talk went well, and there was great discussion afterward.  There were many questions about handling different challenges with clients before and during a project.  It gave me a lot to think about for the future, and how to help guide clients, project managers, designers and developers into and through the production process.

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Refresh Seattle

Refresh Seattle LogoRecently I was asked to give a talk at the Refresh Seattle event coming up on June 18th. I’m going to be giving a presentation on how to help prioritize Web development projects. I see many clients who come to our company with all these grand ideas, but often too many ideas. The project quickly becomes a cobbled-up mess with no clear direction or objective. New features get added to the mix half way through, and by the time it’s ready’ish for launch (27 revisions later) it needs a redesign. My hope is to give some practical ideas on how people can determine the objectives of a project, and help stick to them.

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