The Making of a Good Team

Working with people is what I do, and what most of us do every day. No matter what we produce with our time each day, very few of us can do it alone. We may not be interacting with the guy that has no idea what it means to clean off his desk, has major hygiene issues, lacks any sense of humor or social skills, and stands way to close to your face when talking to you on a daily basis, but none the less we have to deal with people to get our job done. The question on my mind is, how does this interaction help or hinder our production?

The short answer that carries such profoundness that even I want to quote myself is, “Yes, it does.” There you have it. You have just witnessed the wisdom of Jon Pederson (the full extent of it). But seriously… I’m just joking… but seriously, no really…. OK, shut-up and move on Jon!…

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